JP - Pixie's Mansion, Alma Aleron, USA

The Alma Aleron School of Magical Humanities and Spellcraft is an American wizarding school district that teaches young witches and wizards of the magical arts. It is located in Pennsylvania, USA.

Like other wizarding schools, its precise location has never been uncovered since it's been rendered "unplottable", a security measure used to keep its ways of teaching from being revealed to the world, as well as to protect the students and school itself from any harm that would come across.

It is also lead by Professor Benjamin Amadeus Franklyn.

History Edit

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Houses Edit

Students that attend Alma Aleron are divided into six individual houses: Bigfoot, Pixie, Vampire, Werewolf, Zombie, and Igor.

(AAU) Vampire House Crest 1
(AAU) Bigfoot House Crest 1
(AAU) Pixie House Crest 1
(AAU) Igor House Crest 1
(AAU) Werewolf House Crest 1
(AAU) Zombie House Crest 1

Administration Edit

The highest position of staff is the Chancellor, who in this case, is Professor Benjamin Amadeus Franklyn. Other notable members of staff include Madame Desdemona Delacroix, and Theodore Hirschall Jackson III.

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