Foedre Austramaddux was a historian and seer from the distant past who recorded the last days of Merlinus Ambrosius and predicted his return. Zane Walker hears Prof. Slughorn mention his name in class and finds further information about him in a book from the Ravenclaw private library, “The Book of Parallel Histories, Vol.7”. Merlin considered Austramaddux an apprentice and servant, thus binding him to safeguard the Three Relics until the task of his return was completed. He appears in the form of a blue dryad to James Potter and Ralph Deedle during their first year at Hogwarts.

Austramaddux” is also the name of an unknown user profile on Ralph’s GameDeck. Ralph’s father communicates with the user of this profile, as does Martin Prescott, but we never learn their identity, although there is speculation it is Tabitha Corsica, under the direction of Miss Sacarhina.

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