Not to be confused with the alternate name of Petra Morganstern. Morgan was the counterpart of Petra Morganstern from an alternate dimension.


Being Petra's doppelgänger, it can be presumed that Morgan's life followed the same as Petra's, until the events of "The Girl on the Dock." The divergence ocurred when Morgan failed to revive Izzy, fully killing her and turning her to the darkness. Due to the completed bargain, Judith rose from the lake, and Morgan joined her. After they entered an alternate dimmension, Morgan stole the crimson thread and froze a guard, framing her counterpart. Morgan then killed the leader of WULF and took over the organization, organizing a trap against Harry Potter. Everytime Morgan entered the dimmension, Petra would be transported to the castle in the World Between Worlds and would be asleep. Morgan would also kill Senator Charles Filmore and frame Harry Potter and Titus Hardcastle. Morgan would finally meet her counterpart in the World Between Worlds, where it was revealed that Morgan was the Crimson Thread. After kidnapping Izzy and the death of Lucy Weasley, Morgan and Judith fled through the Nexus Curtain to New Amsterdam. There, Petra dueled Morgan once again, recovering Izzy and knocking Morgan into a lamppost. After Petra exposed New Amsterdam, Judith killed Morgan by stabbing her in the back with a knife. James found her body, and closed her eyes. Morgan's body was left lying in the street with the knife in her back.


When Morgan was killed, it bound her to this dimmension and her destiny, meaning that Petra Morganstern was the new crimmson thread, and would have to leave this dimension forever.


  • Due to the fact that Morgan killed Izzy, the events afterwards never took place. So, Phyllis could possibly still be alive in Morgan's dimension, although Warren Morganstern probably still took his own life.
  • It was never shown how Morgan and Judith first entered the alternate dimension.
  • Due to the fact that many people didn;t believe in the existance of the Lady of the Lake, Morgan was blamed for the death of Lucy Weasley.
  • The fact that Moran and Perta could not occupy the same dimension is a reference to the actual theory that the two sme beings cannot occupy the same time and space without producing a cataclysmic paradox.
  • It was never revealed what happened to Morgan's body after the Night of the Unveiling, although it cane be presumed that it was recovered by someone, possibly the muggles after the city reanimated or the Magical Integration Bureau.
  • With the events of The Crimson Thread, the destiny where the theft from the Vault of Destinies never occurred, due to Petra sacrificing her life. Thus, it's possible that Morgan is still alive, having never left her original dimension in her own reality.