The Progressive Element was an underground gathering that started getting attention some time after the Battle of Hogwarts. Those of the Progressive Element openly question the history stated about the Wizarding Wars and claim the evil stories of Lord Voldemort to be a lie. Furthermore, they claim the International Stature of Secrecy is nothing more than "the fruits of bigotry and prejudice" for wizards to paint Muggles out to be too feeble-minded to accept the existence of the wizarding world. According to the Progressive Element, "Lord Tom Riddle" was nothing more than a revolutionary and misunderstood wizard who went too extreme, but not downright evil as history states, measures to persue equality between the wizarding world and the Muggle world. As such, they go on to call Harry Potter and his Auror team liars for saying otherwise. It rallies under slogans such as "Progressive Wizarding Against False History," "Question the Victors," and "Tell the TRUTH, Harry Potter!"

Because the trajedies of the Second Wizarding War are still fresh in many people's minds in Britain, the Progressive Element's words haven't had as much intended impact there as well as in locations such as the United States where its citizens have no first-hand memories of the events. Still, the group has been growing alarmingly popular, even within the walls of Hogwarts thanks to Slytherin spearheading. The leader of the Hogwarts section of the Progressive Element seems to be Tabitha Corsica as she secured the controversy over the Progressive Element's cause as the subject of the first All-School Debate of the 2016-17 year.

The debate, moderated by the visiting Benjamin Franklyn, pitted Team A (in favor of the Aurors' claims) and Team B (in favor of the Progressive Element's claims) against each other to conclude whether or not the stories of the Second Wizarding War were truth or lies. The debate was never properly concluded as a personal attack on Harry Potter himself led to an enraged outcry from his son, James, in the audience. This, in turn, opened a floodgate of even more outcries from other students watching the debate.

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