The Grotto Keep is a secret, magical location on a marshy island where the lake meets the Forbidden Forest. James and Zane discovered it in the night the Intruder is chased from the Quidditch pitch. Revealed by moonlight, the island takes on the appearance of an ancient structure and the fallen trees, resembling a dragon’s head bridge, connect it to shore. On the other side of the bridge is a vine Gate. James attempts to open the Gate by magic but is repelled and the vines begin to ensnare them and drag them into the mire. Even Grawp is pulled into the muck attempting to save them. All are rescued by a Dryad who warns James of Voldemort’s bloodline and possible reawakening of Merlin. She tells him, “Your father’s battle is over. Yours has begun.” On the night of the alignment of the planets, this is the place where Merlin’s relics are gathered, to await his return.

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